Yan’an Elevated Road III by Jörg Dickmann Photography on Flickr.
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4 years, how fast!


Installation Follies | vigilism | Via

Brooklyn-based designer Olalekan Jeyifous has rendered a series of images that depict different speculative installations. The individual follies examine the corner condition, urban planning strategy, and architectural tropes and traditions that relate to the subject at hand. The abstracted urban designs consider vernacular methods of construction across a diverse range of typologies, encouraging the viewer to reflect and reconsider their intended function and purpose. the nigerian born artist hopes to physically realize some of the explorations at a later date.

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The Machines Have Become Integral … | Katie Shima | The Draftery

Following her own constraints to their eventual ends, Shima’s drawings demonstrate the logically nonsensical character inherent to any set of drawings. Her traditional drafting techniques take full advantage of drawing’s status as an art object, meanwhile her subject matter taps into our modernist anxieties. It is unclear if these naturalized formations of mechanical pieces have been constructed or heaped; even what appear to be partial views of Fritz Kahn-like bodies provide no grounding figure or context to pull us outside of Shima’s playful ambiguity. The horizon fades to white before we find our way inside.

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cinemagorgeous: The beautiful geometry of Nicolas Bouvier’s art.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan